Spirent VisionWorks Test Platforms

VisionWorks provides the ability to drive synthetic traffic across a network to validate performance and isolate issues. Active testing augments passive network monitoring by offering important differentiating capabilities.


Digital transformation drives an increase in services, business agility, and the generation of revenue by offering innovative solutions. In order to deliver on this promise, communications providers must reduce operational costs while continuing to support traffic growth and ensure a superior customer experience.

Automate your network awareness Digital transformation is accelerating trends such as virtualization, SDN, and 5G, which promise increased business agility and new paths revenue. Yet this innovation is compounding network complexity across multiple domains while creating a tsunami of data, challenging operations teams who must maintain superior user experience. These disaggregated and dynamic new approaches require new ways of testing and managing performance that were previously not possible.

With VisionWorks you can:

  • Gain end-to-end visibility. Expand performance views across the entire network ecosystem by combining active testing with passive data to quickly identify network and service problems.
  • Leverage synthetic traffic. Stop relying solely on actual traffic to identify issues by injecting emulated user traffic from active test agents supporting activation testing, automated assurance, and troubleshooting.
  • Proactively detect issues. Verify critical services and link performance before customer usage starts, when traffic levels are low, and proactively identify minor issues before they become major issues anywhere in the network.
  • Automate troubleshooting. Leverage actionable data and signature-based analysis to detect irregularities and automatically initiate troubleshooting test procedures to rapidly isolate problems.
  • Streamline activation testing. Integrate automated turn-up testing into orchestration processes to activate new network functions and services while monitoring performance and user experience with active testing.
  • Deliver reliable performance. Ensure SLAs and performance objectives are met by monitoring critical KPIs that allow proactive identification and remediation of potential issues before services are disrupted.

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