Solutions for Telecommunication

TCM is an undisputed expert in the field of test and measurement solutions of all kinds: from small handheld testers to full featured monitoring or service assurance systems.

There are some gems listed from our T&M portfolio:

xGenius from Albedo Telecom – is a handheld transmission and synchronization tester equipped with multiple network interfaces and a large capacitive screen. It is light (1.9kg) and rugged. The unit is able to test Ethernet/IP networks up to 10Gb/s while supporting master/slave clock emulation and plenty of Sync-E and PTP testing facilities.

Microsemi 5120A is all-digital High-Performance Phase Noise and Allan Deviation (ADEV) Test Set with Ultra Low Noise Floor transforms the way accurate phase noise and Allan deviation measurements are made.

Cellusys Roaming CEM solution assures experience from the ground up, from monitoring network health to measuring an individual roamer’s experience. But visibility needs to be paired with action. Only Mobileum can provide the ability to take action – to steer customers based on quality, to identify the root cause of issues faster, and provides leverage in negotiations with partner networks for improved quality.