Solutions for Energy sector

TCM offers solutions and services embracing the whole spectrum of Energy planning, deployment, and management including:

  • Power Plants – A wide range of plants from 30 MW up to 1,500 MW. These plants can vary from Gas Turbines, Coal, HFO or a combination there of
  • Dams and Hydropower plants
  • Wind Turbine Generators up to 2 MW per turbine
  • Solar Power plants using Thermal Solar and/or Photovoltaic Cells
  • Water Desalination Facilities
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Projects can be offered on a Turnkey basis
  • Wind studies and analysis of wind farms can be Performed to provide accurate power performance
  • Management and operation of these plants can be arranged depending on the country
  • Various Financing Packages can be arranged depending on the client and the country