• OSS Systems

    OSS Systems (1)

    Solutions for Cloud Native Inventory, Service Assurance, AI and ML driven Analytics and Network Automation Solutions empowers Operators to evolve their Legacy NOC to Dark NOC as part of their Digital OSS Transformation Journey.
  • TAPs

    TAPs (11)

    nTAPs are passive, full-duplex devices, offering complete visibility to monitoring devices regardless of traffic level. They work with the leading management tools for quick and easy deployment. nTAPs are transparent for monitoring critical links, and provide continuous network data flow even if power fails. nTAPs are scalable, modularized, space efficient, and economical.
  • SAT&PM class

    SAT&PM class (3)

    Real-time analytics and Optimization solution connects testing and service activation data from instruments with software-based planning, provisioning, assurance and optimization probes and applications, working seamlessly across mobile, fiber, cable, cloud and enterprise networks.
  • NPMD class

    NPMD class (7)

    Observer by VIAVI Solutions delivers multi-dimensional end-user experience scoring on every transaction, real-time site-based dashboards, and pre-engineered workflows with deep data visibility for comprehensive operational awareness, fast problem resolution, and powerful forensic investigations.