Spirent PX3 12 Port QUINT SPEED

Spirent PX3 12 Port Quint-Speed test module offers multi rate support (100G/50G/40G/25G/10G), high density and performance testing to validate data center fabrics and service provider routers.


Network bandwidth needs continue to grow at a rapid pace, Network equipment manufacturers are developing highly flexible products to support 100/50/40/25/10GbE from a single port. Service providers and Hyper-scale data centers are deploying high-density multi-rate networking infrastructure solutions to meet these demands.

The Spirent PX3 QUINT speed module architecture was developed to meet these specific needs, offering multi rate support, high density and performance testing for this growing market. This test module also supports an optional feature to test Flexible Ethernet (FlexE). The ability to test both standard and Flexible Ethernet traffic offers maximum value to validate next-generation data center fabrics and service provider routers.

Equipment Manufacturers are rapidly increasing port densities. This module delivers the highest port density QSFP28 form factor module in the industry. Each QSFP28 interface can support 100, 50, 40, 25 and 10GbE from a single port.

High Density — Validate data plane QoS on thousands of flows at line rate and test complex routing, data center and access protocols on switches and routers. A single N12U can support 144-ports or 24-ports from a single N4U chassis, highest density in the industry.

Service Provider Core and Edge Routers — Verify scale, reliability, and performance of Layer 2 & 3 services including IP data and video delivered via unicast routing, multicast routing, switching and MPLS VPN technologies.

High-Capacity Multiservice Routers — Validate IP throughput with thousands of subscribers and per-port line-rate data with minimumsized packets.

Data Center Top of Rack, Spine and Core Switches — Benchmark capacity of high-density and capacity fabrics using IETF RFC 2544, RFC 2889 and RFC 3918 methodologies with easy test setup using dynamically bound traffic and automated wizards.

Carrier Ethernet — Verify scale, reliability, performance of Ethernet services delivered via Ethernet OAM, MPLS-TP, VPLS, PWE3 Psuedowires, bridged Ethernet, packet transport protocols or combinations of these technologies.


  • 12 100GbE ports per PX3 module, delivers the highest density high speed Ethernet solution per module, chassis or rack unit
  • The industry’s highest emulation performance for high density 100G testing
  • Industry’s highest density 12 100GbE FlexE (Flexible Ethernet) test module supporting 5GbE, 10GbE, n x 25GbE, 40GbE Clients
  • Protocol testing for L2/3 routing/switching and data center test cases
  • Each module supports the following port density 12x100GbE, 24x50GbE, 48x25GbE, 12x40GbE, 48x10GbE
  • Support for optical fiber, active optical cables and direct access copper
  • Support for Ethernet FEC, AN, and LT


  • FlexE (Flexible Ethernet) of Ethernet Clients
  • Affordable high-density 12-ports in a single slot with native QSFP28 physical interfaces
  • Orchestrate large-scale testbeds
  • Perform high protocol scale testing for port dense 100G core routing platforms and data center fabrics
  • Conduct performance, stress, and industry standard benchmark tests
  • Enables scalability to meet the requirements of IP/Ethernet mobile networks while maintaining enhanced realism and performance

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