• Synchronisation analyzers

    Synchronisation analyzers (1)

    The Global Positioning System (GPS) provides a precise timing reference for wireless networks. 5G technologies and the IoT are pushing time, phase, and frequency synchronization requirements to the limits of technology. We offer an exceptional selection of intuitive, cloud-enabled validation and test solutions to address these challenges and ensure conformance to stringent industry standards.
  • Radio test analyzers

    Radio test analyzers (3)

    Digital land mobile radio (LMR) technologies and software defined radio (SDR) have significantly improved security, range, and spectral efficiency. Radio test solutions have followed suit, incorporating advanced automation, signal mapping, and spectrum analysis features for the lab and field.
  • Optical instruments

    Optical instruments (29)

    Fiber testers help technicians ensure best practices for handling fiber in every situation, from certifying new fiber installations to troubleshooting active fiber networks. Through technology innovation and extensive experience, our fiber testers equip technicians and network managers to ensure the performance of their fiber optic networks with fast and intuitive fiber testers that are essential for every technician.
  • Transport Testers

    Transport Testers (3)

    Transport Assurance product family provides automated service activation tests to verify service configuration and performance of each hop within the network, performance monitoring allowing service automation, flow configuration and service validation vs SLAs, and fast fault isolation by quickly segmenting and identifying problematic flows and/or services on a per-hop basis.