Fiber testers help technicians ensure best practices for handling fiber in every situation, from certifying new fiber installations to troubleshooting active fiber networks. Through technology innovation and extensive experience, our fiber testers equip technicians and network managers to ensure the performance of their fiber optic networks with fast and intuitive fiber testers that are essential for every technician.

  • Optical Spectrum Analyzers

    Optical Spectrum Analyzers (12)

    An optical spectrum analyzer extends the principles of spectrum analysis to the optical realm by measuring important wavelength, power, and noise characteristics of light waves. As fiber optic networks and laser applications have expanded, optical test solutions and practices have evolved to keep pace with dense wave division multiplexing, tightened channel spacing, and a host of new optical sources and…
  • OTDRs and ONMS

    OTDRs and ONMS (19)

    With the rapid advancements in fiber optic technology and new fiber network deployments, OTDR testing methods have become indispensable for building, certifying, maintaining, and troubleshooting fiber optic systems. An Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is an instrument used to create a virtual “picture” of a fiber optic cable route. The analyzed data can provide information on the condition and performance…

    DTS, DTSS B-OTDR (3)

    Wide range fiber testing solutions deliver the most comprehensive range of fiber testers for essential fiber optic test for install, maintenance, troubleshooting and monitoring. Supported by multiple mainframes/platforms covering singlemode and multimode applications they deliver everything from basic fiber certification with automated bi-directional OTDR testing with simple pass/fail information to detailed Fiber Characterization including CD and in-service PMD testing.