Spirent SPT-N12U Chassis

The Spirent SPT-N12U Mainframe Chassis is the foundation for Spirent’s next-generation of 10GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE, and 400GbE test modules.


Spirent TestCenter. Overview

Spirent TestCenter is an end-to-end test solution delivering high performance with deterministic answers. Service providers, NEMs and Enterprises use it to test, measure, and validate their networks and deploy services with confidence — from traditional performance testing to rigorous analysis of Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Mobile Backhaul, High-Speed Ethernet.

  • Next-generation network and infrastructure testing with real-time answers
  • Unified Layer 2 to 7 test solution with extensive network emulated protocols
  • Improved efficiency through automation, expanded test coverage
  • Evolves with testing needs to protect equipment ROI

Reducing Testing Complexity, Accelerating Design, Dev & Deployment

Spirent TestCenter IQ enables actionable analytics and intuitive reporting with flexibility, to better understand dynamic behavior of systems under test, to reduce complexity of network testing through quick isolation of issues – saving valuable time and costs.

Unified Quality of Experience (QoE) Assessment Tool

The Spirent TestCenter Enhanced L4-7 unified QoE Assessment Tool helps generate full state application protocol traffic over emulated topology, to conduct concurrent Layer 2-3 and Layer 4-7 application traffic generation via single user interface, automation framework.

SPT-N12U Mainframe Chassis

The Spirent SPT-N12U Mainframe Chassis is the foundation for Spirent’s next-generation of 10GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE, and 400GbE test modules. By optimizing the design with the latest hardware and software technology, the SPT-N12U lowers the cost of testing the devices and networks powering the always-on data network.

The SPT-N12U simultaneously scales to the highest port counts and test traffic rates in the industry while
incorporating innovative time- and moneysaving capabilities such as: intelligent power and fan control, and fast
booting and system firmware upgrades.

With its efficient architecture, the SPT-N12U supports a variety of environments from multi-user functional testing all the way up to multi-chassis switch fabric and core-router stress testing. A single chassis can scale to over 14 terabits of data traffic – more than double that of the competition—supporting enough protocol scale to push any modern router architecture beyond its limits.

Features & Benefits

  • Less rack space and power than equivalent competing systems
    — Intelligent power and fan control
    — Scales to over 14 terabits of cloud traffic per second
    — Supports up to 576 x 25G or 10G ports, 288 x 50G ports, 144 x 100G or 40G ports, 48 x 200G, or 24 x 400G Ethernet ports per chassis
  • Investment protection for existing hardware and future technologies
    — Fully backward compatible with existing Spirent HyperMetrics and HyperMetrics NEXT test modules*
    — Does not require learning new UIs or APIs
    — +400G and Terabit Ethernet ready
  • Measurement reliability and accuracy
    — Best-in-class timing precision and synchronization (ten times better than the nearest competition) for largescale tests and site to-site latency/ jitter measurements
    — Automatic calibration for chassis-to-chassis synchronization
  • Innovative design
    — Built-in LCD screen with controls for real-time chassis status and administration
    — Higher inter-slot communication bandwidth for next generation of high performance test modules
    — Built-in timing synchronization capability including 1588v2 connector
    — Client software download from the chassis via Web browser

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