Spirent Landslide C100-M4

The Spirent Landslide C100-M4 is the highest performance Landslide Test Server. The test server performs the role of control and data plane load generation and analysis as well as emulation of adjacent nodes surrounding the network under test.


Landslide Solution Overview

Designed to test secure and application aware mobile networks, the Landslide C100-M4 provides unprecedented performance resulting from Spirent’s multicore architecture with new hardware-assisted application, mobility and encryption acceleration.
The Landslide C100-M4 platform enables the Landslide application to provide the highest scale and most realistic mobile emulation while providing a significant increase in the amount of mobile application traffic over the previous generation. The Landslide C100-M4 supports the Fireball Data Performance Mode and this, when paired with a dual-port 25G, 40G or 100G interface, significantly reduces the amount of equipment, power and connections required to test a high-performance mobile network.


Spirent Landslide has the ability to both test and emulate the nodes of the mobile core, ORAN, carrier, Wi-Fi, IMS and Diameter networks. Test cases include:

  • Landslide C100-M4 – A test platform for emulating high volumes of network functions and traffic
  • Landslide C50 – A test platform for lower-scale emulation of network functions and traffic
  • Landslide E10 – A compact test platform for over-the-air testing of mobile and Wi-Fi networks
  • Landslide 5G – A 5G test application covering the entire evolution to 5G
  • Landslide ORAN CU Testing – CU Testing capabilities features, benefits and technical specifications
  • Landslide LTE – An LTE test application for MME and SSGN validation
  • Landslide Virtual – A high-performance virtualized version of Landslide
  • Landslide IoT – An IoT test application for high scale device emulation and mobility
  • Landslide VoLTE/IMS – A VoLTE/IMS and SIP UE emulation test application
  • Landslide Wi-Fi – A Wi-Fi Offload Gateway test application
  • Landslide Diameter – A diameter test application for AAA functions, mobility management, policy and charging

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