Spirent CyberFlood CF20

The CF20 tests the security effectiveness and performance of network infrastructures, web application infrastructure to verify your security posture, Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE).


The CF20 for CyberFlood solution provides advanced test options for 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G interfaces. The CF20 tests the performance of network devices and web application infrastructures to verify your, Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE). The CF20 uses the power of CyberFlood, giving you simplified use by consolidating multiple test functions into a single small form factor appliance.

Features & Benefits

  • Ease of Use—Extremely easy to use and highly intuitive graphical user-interface that allows for difficult
    configurations to be set up instantly; from setting up global IPs from a world view map to drag and drop protocols, CyberFlood makes security and performance testing easy. The CF20 also offers a reduction in deployment and management complexity due to easy out-of-box setup.
  • Economical—Access the power of CyberFlood with the right features, performance and capabilities in a low profile package without comprising on performance. In addition, there is also a reduction in cost ownership due to lesser requirements for rackspace, power and cooling.
  • Network Security Testing—Provides extensive testing for secure network communication, vulnerability assessment with an evergrowing and up-to-date database over 4,000 exploit profiles and over 70,000 malware samples.
    – Verify the ability of the network device to detect and mitigate thousands of known and zero day attacks.
    – Add hacker behavior to assessments from a series of evasions techniques that create attack and malware
    variations on-the-fly to further challenge security counter measures.
    – With CyberFlood fuzzing test the resiliency of network devices and deployed protocols by verifying the ability
    to deal with millions of unexpected and malicious inputs.
    – Send TCP based attacks and malware over TLS to validate detection of attacks that are hidden by encrypted traffic flows.
    – Test device capabilities to inspect traffic for malware, infected hosts, unwanted URLs and spam and take appropriate action.
    – Validate IPSec VPN capacities including tunnel setup, maximum tunnels, and data rates over encrypted tunnelfor remote access and site to site use cases.
  • Applications—With CyberFlood, users can quickly and easily test with the latest and most popular applications
    and attacks (updated continuously), all with unparalleled realism and scalability. Users can push their solutions to the limit while ensuring the infrastructure will stand up to realworld demands.
  • Power and Performance—The right performance and scale: The CF20 provides the right performance profile
    to effectively exercise networks to find maximum user connectivity, application traffic throughput capabilities, and security effectiveness. With up to 60Gbps of HTTP traffic generation capabilities.
  • Built-in Cryptographic Acceleration—The CF20 comes with standard built-in cryptographic acceleration technology to increase the scale of encrypted traffic rates and bandwidth, including strong and current cipher types.
  • Cross Compatibility—The CF20 offers test compatibility with other CyberFlood platforms, this provide maximum flexibility for using CyberFlood tests across a multitude of available platforms.
  • Avalanche Software Support—Run the full breadth of Avalanche software on the CF20, providing maximum
    flexibility and test coverage.
  • NetSecOPEN Tests Built-In—NetSecOPEN is a network security industry group where network security vendors, tool vendors, labs and enterprises collaborate to create open and transparent testing standards.


  • Create extreme loads of HTTPS traffic to verify encryption capacity and performance
  • Generate application load traffic from a growing database of tens of thousands of user scenarios and application flows to verify application ID policies and performance
  • Replay custom application and recorded web sessions at scale
  • Use Advanced Mixed Traffic tests to create custom user actions, including IPSec and SSL VPN capacity and throughput
  • Optional advanced security testing solutions are also available


Spirent Appliance comparison table

Spirent C1
Portable Appliance
Spirent CF20
Spirent C100-S3
Spirent C200
Feature Per appliance Per appliance Per appliance Per appliance
Number of Test
1 Test User Up to 2 users
(10G /1G configurations)
Up to 4 users
(10G /1G configurations)
Up to 16 users
Type of Simulation Client and Server Client and Server Client and Server Client and Server
Network Interface
• 4x 10/100/1000
• 2x10GbE SPF+
• 8x10G/8x1G SFP+
• 2xQSFP28
• Cryptographic
Accelerator –
• 16x 10/100/1000
Copper or Fiber
• 16x 10/100/1000
Copper or Fiber and
4x 10GbE
• 8×10 GbE SPF+
• 4x QSFP28
• Cryptographic
Accelerator Option
4 x QSFP28 supports
a number of interface
• 16x 10G Fiber (SR4)
• 8x 25G Fiber (SR4)
• 4x 40G Fiber (SR4)
• 4x 50G Fiber (SR4)
• 4x 100G Fiber (SR4
or LR4)
• 2x Cryptographic
Accelerators Built-in

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