Spirent fX2 Test Module

The Spirent fX2 40/10G and 10/1G Ethernet dual-speed test modules deliver the highest density and lowest total cost of ownership in its class.


40GbE, 10GbE and 10GbE, 1GbE Dual-Speed Test Modules

The Spirent fX2 40/10G and 10/1G Ethernet dual-speed test modules combine Spirent’s industry-leading Layer 2–3 traffic generation and analysis with powerful network emulation and application layer protocols for emulating a wide range of device types, users and protocols. These modules deliver the highest performance per dollar for Layer 2–7 testing. Reduced power consumption and the ability to use a single module throughout the test lifecycle results in lower CAPEX and OPEX.

These modules are ideal for functional, conformance and performance testing of data center and service provider network infrastructure and evolving SDN and NFV technologies.

The Spirent fX2 module is available in several port count and speed variations to match your test needs and budget. For dual speed 40GbE versions each of the 40G ports can be configured as 4x10GbE for a maximum density of twenty 10GbE ports per slot. Dual speed modules are also available for 10/1GbE operation from a single port.

Features & Benefits

  • High-density 5-port 40GbE, 20-port 10GbE or a dual speed 40/10GbE offers a highly scalable test platform
    – High-density 5-port form factor supports five 40GbE or twenty 10 GbE ports per slot, 240 40GbE ports or 960 10GbE ports per 19-inch rack
    – Lower density four, three and two port modules are perfect for development testing at lower port counts or performance testing of smaller edge devices with 40GbE uplinks
  • 10/1G Ethernet versions are the only high-density dual-speed modules of their type
    – Ports are software controlled for operation in 10GbE mode or 1GbE mode and are individually reservable
    – Uses SFP+/SFP form-factor for more flexible 10GbE and 1GbE interconnect options


  • SDN and Data Center — Validate forwarding performance and functional capabilities of Software Define Networks (SDN) with ultra-low latency and high port density. Supports key technologies like VXLAN, OpenFlow, and FCoE
  • Device Benchmarking—Test using IETF RFC 2544, RFC 2889 and RFC 3918 methodologies with easy test setup using dynamically bound traffic and automated wizards
  • Core and Edge Routers & Switches—Verify scale, reliability, performance of Layer 2 & 3 services including data, multicast and video delivered via unicast routing, multicast routing, switching and MPLS VPN technologies
  • Carrier Ethernet—Verify scale, reliability, performance of Ethernet services delivered via Ethernet OAM, MPLS-TP, VPLS, PWE3 Psuedowires, bridged Ethernet, packet transport protocols or combinations of these technologies
  • Subscriber Emulation—Verify setup & teardown of thousands of access subscribers using different services over various tunneling technologies (VLAN, L2GRE, MPLS, VPNs, VPLS, etc.) under normal or exceptional traffic conditions
  • Functional, Conformance and Performance Testing— Validate features, conformance to standards and measure system performance. Multiple port count versions meet your density and cost needs

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