CsIII Model 4310B Cesium Frequency Standard

  • Frequency accuracy up to ±1e-12
  • Up to 5e-14 long term stability
  • 2 RF outputs: 5MHz and 10Mhz
  • One 1PPS output
  • One 1PPS input
  • MTBF: > 130,000 hours
  • Caesium clock


Weighing less than 30 pounds, the CSIII Model 4310B delivers higher stability, lower phase noise and longer life for demanding users in communications, timing, synchronization and other applications.
Designed for portability, the CSIII is a functional, versatile Cesium Reference Standard that performs as a primary reference standard and calibration standard in applications including satellite tracking stations, positioning and navigation, and broadcast communications.

Output Signal Formats

  • 5 and 10MHZ sinewave outputs
  • 10MHz TTL output
  • 1PPS sync input and a 1PPS timing output

Portable, Functional, Versatile

Packaged in a 2U, 19-inch rack mounted chassis, the CsIII weighs less than 30 lbs. An optional portability kit and T1/E1 synthesizer are available for added functionality and versatility.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Monitoring and control of the CSIII is performed via the RS-232 serial interface and Microsemi’s proprietary Monitor3 software.

Robust Warranty

The CsIII comes standard with a 1-year electronics warranty and 8-year tube warranty.

Key Features

  • CsIII Technology
  • 2U Compact Rack Mount
  • AC & DC Inputs
  • 30 Minute Warm-Up to Full Specifications

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