Synchronization Professional Services

Our Professional Services for Synchronization solutions include Sync Audit, Synchronization Networks Design, Synchronization Project Deployment, Professional Documentation, Education and training and Annual Maintenance services.

Our Professional Services for Synchronization solutions include:

Sync Audit:

  • Current network Sync Audit
  • Synchronization modernization Solution

Synchronization Networks Design:

  • Proof of concept
  • Solution design

Synchronization Project Deployment:

  • Site survey
  • Deployment services
  • Acceptance testing
  • Network integration

Professional Documentation:

  • Technical Solution Proposal with HLD/LLD
  • Commercial Proposal & Tender Bidding

Education and training:

  • Custom training – On-site / remote / Off-shore/ Train the Trainers
  • Training documentation and certifications

Annual Maintenance services:

  • Product AMC
  • Regional support and Onsite assistance
  • Rapid replacement and RMA dexterity