A Network Performance and Fault Analytics Solution catering to the Operational and Planning of the Telco Networks.


OptiGo Network Analytics & Service Assurance Suite !

A Network Performance and Fault Analytics Solution catering to the Operational and Planning of the Telco Networks.

Unified OSS Suite

Network Performance Management has become increasingly complex with collection across Devices from Multiple Domains, Vendors across Multiple Technologies. OptiGo Network Analytics and Assurance Solution understands your Network and provides Powerful Monitoring Capabilities, Visualization, Patented End-to-End Network Topology, Network Fault Detection, and Intelligent Alerts through a Singular Integrated Platform leveraging AI/ML Framework for Intelligent Insights and Recommendations.

Networks & Service Assurance

  • A Unified OSS (Network Assurance, Analytics and AIOps) Suite enabling seamless operation of a Multi-Domain, Multi-Vendor and Multi-Technology Network Environments catering across diverse Verticals and Teams.
  • OptiGo OSS Suite collects and ingests Data across Mobility, Enterprise, IT, MEC and Cloud Data Sources into State-of-the-Art Steaming Data Analytics Platform which is deployable On Single or Multi-Cloud Environments, On-Prem Data Centers or as a Hybrid Deployment.
  • OptiGo OSS provides a Holistic view of the Network Real Time Performance, Faults, Capacity Insights and Utilization Analysis in a Single Pane of Glass which are intelligently superimposed over the End-to-End Network Topology to identify the Probable Root Cause of any Network Outliers.

Service Quality Management

  • OptiGo’s Service Quality Management assures digital QoS, enabling Proactive Management of Digital Services in Complex Ecosystems.
  • OptiGo’s SQM monitors the collective efforts of the Service Performances which determines the degree of satisfaction of the end user for the services obtained.
  • SQM enables to drill down from the Mobility/Enterprise Network View to the Resource Inventory associated with each of the Customers and their services.
  • The Service Modelling Framework enables the User to customize the Service Model based on the Customers, Services and the associated Resources.

Intelligent Correlation

  • OptiGo’s Intelligent and Unique Correlation Engine enables to seamlessly correlate across the Network Performance Metrics, Fault Metrics and Configuration Metrics to identify the Probable Network Outages and Deviations irrespective of the Domains, Vendors and Technologies.
  • Apart from the Network Metrics, the Correlation Engine correlates across the Customer Experience Metrics and the Probe Metrics to drill-down to the Probable Root Cause of any Failure taken place in the Network.
  • The Correlation Engine is supported by CanGo’s Patented End-to-End Topology, Network Auto-Discovery and Reconciliation to ensure Proactive Insights on the Network Outliers in Real Time.

Proactive Alerts

  • OptiGo’s Alert Engine allows for a highly configurable and flexible Framework which ensures anyone can start creating an Alert Rule based on the Trigger Condition.
  • The Alerts could be of any Data Source such as Performance Breaches, Fault Detection, Device Discovery, Log Metrics upon which Trigger Conditions are defined.
  • The Trigger Actions are executed based on the configured Trigger Conditions. The Trigger Actions can range from as simple as sending Emails, SMS, integration with Slack, JIRA, etc until complex Executions such as MOP Executions, Device Configuration Parameter Changes, etc.

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