Observer Apex

Gain Comprehensive Cloud-to-On-Premises Service Visibility with End-User Experience Scoring Powered by Packets and Active Test


Apex is the first performance monitoring solution to generate an end-user experience (EUE) score on every transaction. Apex offers adaptability and visibility via multiple data sources: packets, metadata, enriched flow, and active monitoring. Organizations select those that fit their budgets, operational demands, and business needs.

Apex provides global IT service health and status awareness. When service anomalies do arise or potential security breaches are detected, efficient workflows empower NetOps, DevOps, and SecOps groups to uncover root cause and fix it, fast.

Apex Features and Benefits Summary

  • Machine learning powered automated EUE scoring converts multiple KPIs into a single easy-to-understand metric
  • Flexible data source options via GigaStor, GigaFlow, and GigaTest: packets, metadata, enriched flow, and active test offers the right view for every stakeholder from network engineer to line of business owner
  • Customizable dashboards for global operational intelligence with efficient workflows enable fast problem identification and resolution for NetOps, SecOps, and DevOps
  • Integrated, hybrid IT observability for cloud and on-premises hosted services with available synthetic (active) testing offers proactive service assurance of remote users and SaaS performance health
  • On-demand application dependency mapping enables immediate multi-tier application visibility with no configuration required
  • Integrated performance management and forensics for fast service anomaly and rapid cybersecurity breach response
  • Flexible deployment options from purpose-built appliances for the datacenter to Amazon Machine Images (AMI) for simple, efficient cloud deployments

Observer GigaTest

GigaTest™, available as an option on Apex makes adding the power of active test simple. With GigaTest, the patented end-user experience score has become even more accurate, factoring service delivery of cloud-hosted applications into the results. It delivers proactive test analytics and performance visibility for the applications you use every day whether on-premises or in the cloud as well as wherever users are located. IT staff get a single, global view of hybrid network health with deep visibility and actionable insights into their IT services independent of user or hosting location.

Once GigaTest is enabled and activated, Apex does the work of combining active test data with that provided by GigaStor packet and GigaStor M metadata for enhanced EUE scoring. Service visibility can be further strengthened with GigaFlow enriched flow.

Apex + GigaTest Features and Benefits Summary

Integrating packet-level with active test data, delivers comprehensive end-to-end network monitoring coverage. IT teams can confidently answer questions such as:

  • Which specific domain is being impacted, can the issue be isolated to the network, application, server, or client
  • Is there a problem affecting a single site or multiple sites?
  • Is there a problem affecting access to a SaaS application by users? Is it the SaaS provider or a problem on our side, whether on-premises or remote user?

Select an Observer Apex form-factor that best aligns with your IT monitoring requirements and deployment best practices. Then scale as required to grow with your business. Based on the number of data sources, Apex is offered in three tiers to be monitored:

  • Tier 1 – Apex Standard – available in a cloud version (as an AWS AMI) and a software edition
  • Tier 2 – Apex Workgroup – form-factors include hardware, cloud version (as an AWS AMI) and a software edition
  • Tier 3 – Apex Enterprise – Hardware appliance only

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